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The Pelican Girl

Gabrielle Savary came to Mobile, along with 20 other girls, from La Rochelle, France. They set sail on April 19, 1704, stopped in Cap-Francois, (Now Haiti's Cap-Haitien) first week of June, and they landed on August 1, 1704 in Mobile. The girls were known as the Pelican Girls. (The ship they sailed on was the Le Pelican) Gabrielle was one of the last of the Pelican girls to be married, she married Jean Baptiste Saucier. (Who came to Mobile in 1699 as a Canadian passenger with Iberville.)

An exerpt from a letter to S. de Bienville pertaining to the Pelican girls: His majesty sends by that ship 20 girls to be married to the Canadians and others who have begun habitations at Mobile in order that this colony can firmly establish itself. Each of these girls was raised in virtue and piety and know how to work, which will render them useful in the colony by showing the Indian girls what they can do, for this there being no point in sending other than of virtue known and without reproach. His Majesty entrusted the Bishop of Quebec to certify them, in order that they not be suspect of debauch. You will take care to establish them the best you can and to marry them to men capable of having them subsist with some degree of comfort.

Jean Baptiste and Gabrielle are listed in the Louisiana census of 1706. There were a total of 85 families at Fort Louis. Jean Baptiste is listed as:

In pay of and drawing rations from the king;

Jean Sossie, his wife and two children.

The Lineage

Louis Saucier, age 32 in census 1666, r Et Dumay, Sillery, Qbc; n St Eustache, Paris

(Chas S + Charlotte Clairet), cm21No70 em12Jr71QbcC Marguerite Gaillard dit Duplessis, n Picardy ( J B G + Cath Delomelle), wd Hercule Duperon, wd Francois Prevost (cm26Jy64QbcC, ch: Anne Claude, F Michel); r St Michel (Ste Foye), Qbc

Charles Saucier, b31Au1672 bp01Se72QbcC m3 dllJe23 Ste Anne (Pocatiere), Qbc

Jean (Bapt) Saucier, b, bp04De74Qbcc recruited by Iberville, Jy1697; Quebec-Rochefort-Biloxi 1699, Mobile 1702, m cSe04Mob Gabrielle Savary, n St Denis, "Pelican Girl".

(Louis Saucier d1676_2; Marg G m Michel Nicolas LeGardeur dit Sansoucy, ch: Jean, Michel, M Marg; r St Michel)


Charles Saucier (1672-1723) cm060c97Qbc Marie Anne Bisson (Grvs B+M Lereau) d12Mr14

Charles b&d 110c98Qbc

Charles Francois 28Se99SteFoye-27De59 em08Je22SteAnne(Pctr) M Rosalie Bouchard

Jean Francois 22Mr02-26Fe25 (Gbrl B+F Lisotte)

Joseph 23Ap03-26Je03

Joseph 06Jy04- cm21Se26 Magd Boudier (P B +m Magd Dancosse)

Genevieve 24Fe06

Pierre 17Fe09-12Jr40 em10No32RivOuelle Genv Berube (P B + Genv


Joseph Marie m 10Au67Detroit Genv Tremblay (Ambr T + Marg Simard)

sons ? Joseph, Baptiste, Etienne of Wayne Co, Mich, early 1800s

Marie Louise 09My12 wd P Courteau

Charles Saucier em25Je14StThomas M Magd St Denis (P Sd +Magd Thiberge) (1696-1720)

Louis em21Jy38Kamouraska Cecile Michaud (P M +Magd Thibodeau)



Charles Saucier em03Je20RiveOuelle Marie Francoise Lebel ( J L + Anne Soucy)

Marie Angelique 25My21SteAnne m16Ap42L'Illet Jean Belanger

Marie Magdeleine 28My22 m01Mr45 Jean Bernard Hudon

Marie Francoise 25Apr23 em11Jr40Kmrsk Pierre Michaud, m14Fe46 Chas Pellatier


Jean Baptiste Saucier (04De74-15/19) nQbc m ?Se04Mob M Gabrielle Savary n St Denis b28Jan1684 (d8/27Oc35NO)

1? Anne b1705? (sponsered bp in 1718Mob) d1718-1735 no issue

2 Henry b1706 d1761-2? cm08No32FtC Barbe Lacroix (F L +Barbe Montmeunier wd Mercier) nQbc

3 Jean Baptiste b28No07Mob b1707 d?Je46Ill cm06Ap40NO M Rose Giardy (Jos G+M J Henry) N NO

4 Jacques b28Ap10Mob d by 1735 no issue

5 Francois b 1712Mob d26Fe57FtC cm25No43Mob M J Fontaille (J F + M Le Mir) nMob

6 ?

Marie Gabrielle Savary widow Saucier m Mob P Vifvarenne sgt Ft Louis (Mob), nAmiens

7 Jean B Vifvarenne b1719Fe19Mob dc1757Ill cm26Au40StPh M A Rondeau (+Cath A Federolle)

8 Jeanne Gabrielle Sansot bp18Oc21mob d by1735 no issue

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